Round-Robin – Tournament Manager

Round-Robin - Tournament Manager


Round-Robin – Tournament Manager is your go-to tournament app for round-robin tournaments. Whether you organise professional tournaments or just want to manage playing with your friends, this app is for you! Read more about the development process on our blog.

Round-Robin tournaments are competitions where each contestant plays against each other contestant in a round format. This tournament format is perfect for games and sports and our app will help you organise a perfect tournament.


– Manage all your tournaments in one app
– Add and remove players to your player database, where you can easily choose players for each tournament
– Generate a tournament schedule automatically, including Bye rounds in case you have an odd number of players
– View results in a tournament grid or sorted by current standings
– Share the tournament schedule, table or final results with all the players

We’d love to hear from you! We keep developing the app and feature requests and ideas are always more than welcome. You can reach us easily at:

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