Tap to Zap

Tap to Zap is a minimalistic one-touch arcade game where you try to zap the balls bouncing around the screen.

Fire your laser cannons to blast cosmic dots to pieces, but be precise as one miss and your mission is over!

Tap to Zap is a casual endless shooter style game where dots have to be blasted when caught between the two laser cannons you command. A perfect balance of speed and patience is required as you aim to blast as many dots as possible, while ensuring the moving laser cannons have at least one target between them before firing!

The game starts with a single large static dot. When shot it splits into two smaller dots and these begin to move randomly around the gameplay area. Every time a dot gets blasted by your laser cannons it again splits in two, creating an increasing number of smaller and smaller dots. Be patient and be precise, as the first time you shoot your lasers but fail to hit any dots… game over!

– Addictive and challenging gameplay
– Completely FREE to play (no In App Purchases)
– Bonus scores when multiple dots (combo’s) are zapped
– Full Game Center integration
– Challenge friends to beat your high score